Mila turns Three!

Our beautiful, charming, creative, hilarious, pink loving, little girl turned 3!! What better way to celebrate than with a pink fluffy flamingo party!?   From the moment we mentioned birthday Mila was sold on a pink party, with pink balloons and a pink cake. She was so excited and begged her Dad that he was […]

Auckland Trip

Our Love of Justin Bieber music had flourished over many long car trips jamming out in the car  when we first met and many nights spent dancing in my room rehearsing his dance moves. Henry was kind of a wannabe JB with the hair cut and I’m pretty sure a few of his outfits were […]

Kiara’s Ice Cream Party

Kiara’s birthday sure was a sweet celebration, it really was the cherry on top of a great first year! I raced into Kmart franticly searching for any party directions that would work with a picnic theme (yes I’m overly dramatic but you only have one shot at life and might as well do it with […]

Kiki turns one!

Its hard to believe it is a year ago that this little bundle of joy made her way into this big wide world. She made a swift appearance and ever since the moment we first laid eyes on our sweet baby its hard to imagine a life without her. She is a wonderful, gorgeous, loving […]

2017 Calendar

If you have kids or have ever attempted to photograph a child you will understand when I tell you, this would have to be the most time consuming, exhausting experience but at the same time the most rewarding. Taking these photos is a massive passion of mine, albeit exhausting. Flicking through the end result, taking […]

Milas Barnyard Boogie Party

Oink Baa Moo, Mila turned two! To celebrate we had to think of the perfect party for our perfect little girl. Her favourite things are animals and dancing (and babies but didn’t know how to fit that in) so A Barnyard Boogie party was the way to go! For the party, I handmade nearly everything, […]

Mila turns 2!

This week Mila/ Mimi/ Mees turns two! I honestly can’t believe it! Mila currently loves dancing, animals, her sister, dolls, lawn mowers, cleaning, the outdoors, the park, swimming, making her toys swim,  stickers and spinning a great yarn!  Its fair to say that the past 2 years have just flown by in the blink of […]

Breast is best, right?

It isn’t socially acceptable to flop your boobs out in public before you have kids, but now it seems I am expected too. All ways prude and never rude has been a motto that I have spent my entire life living by. I struggle with the fact that I the only thing I have stopping […]