Birth story

Its nearly that time again, when I am going to push a massive watermelon sized baby out of my belly, and to be completely honest I am really excited about it. I feel very fortunate to be able to have had one amazingly beautiful birthing experience and can’t wait to do it all again. Fingers […]

Its third trimester time!

How fast has 28 weeks gone!? Far to fast I remember being pregnant with Mila and knowing exactly how many weeks and days pregnant I was ticking each day off, and waiting impatiently for Friday morning when I could read my weekly update on the Huggies website for what to expect that week, even though […]

Mila’s first Birthday

Our little girl turned one this month! And boy did we celebrate, I had been dreaming of throwing parties for my kids long before we knew we were having Mila. This was something I really didn’t want to get wrong because it was almost like most girls dream about their wedding day, I dreamt about […]

Finding that perfect name

Why is it so hard to pick the perfect name for your baby!? Probably because it is what they will use to identify themselves with for the REST of their lives. Or maybe its just that little over a year ago we used our two favourite girl names (first and middle) on Mila. It is […]

The Morris clan hit Tahiti

A few weeks ago we had just arrived in a tropical paradise. Now I sit at home eating ice cream in my PJ’s while it is pouring down with rain, trying to reminisce about our holiday. We went to Tahiti and Moorea in French Polynesia, and yes they speak French so its almost like you […]

Its a girl!!

It’s old news to us now but never the less still very exciting, we are having another girl! I can’t wait to be a mother of two little princesses, to be honest the idea of having a boy daunted me a little. Don’t get me wrong one day I would love to have a boy […]

One tomorrow.

Tomorrow my baby girl is ONE! I would go into the “how time flys” spiel but seriously everyone already knows that and when ever I mention Mila’s age I get another woman telling me how this time will just fly by. And well it does, its just a fact about having children. It will go […]