The big move.

I expected that moving house would not be an easy task, as a kid I remember the stress of moving my own room. I probably had about 5 boxes to pack but it would still feel like I had so much to do. Like I wouldn’t hang out with my friends all week because I […]

Bye Bye Beckenham Street

“What the heck are we doing?” is the question Henry and I have asked ourselves far too many times since moving into Beckenham Street.  All of our experiences here have been new overwhelming learning curves in both of our lives. From moving out of home, to having our first child together, to having two children […]

Young life crisis

I had heard of a mid-life crisis, but never  a young life crisis. Im guessing thats because I made it up but I never expected it to happen to Henry. It all started with the car, one fast expensive european car. I was alright with that it was just a car, in-fact I actually am alright […]