Pit stop parenting.

This morning I ran out of the house, keys handed to me by one person, bag handed by another. They all ran around me trying to put kids in the car, pram in the boot, comb kids hair, brush kids teeth, get snippy cups, get shoes, get keys the list goes on and on. Its […]

Its all in the name.

It was such a difficult situation picking a name in the first place, because both of our favourite names for girls had been used only a year ago. Henry and I were on completely different pages with each name, my names were too “ghetto” and his names were too boring. But still at the top […]

Henry turns 21.

I feel extremely lucky to have spent the past 4 years out of Henry’s 21 years with him. I really couldn’t imagine a funnier, more fun loving kind of person in the world. Henry is the kind of person who literally jumps out of the bed first thing in the morning and in his accent […]