Mila’s 2016 calendar

Another year has come around and for our little family that means only one thing, time to make another calendar.

This is something which I hope to make a tradition until my girls are old enough to drive away with their friends and tell me they are far too old. Last year Mila was only a month old when we took the photos and most of the time she feel asleep on set and let us wriggle her around however we liked. We also took a maximum of two different months photos a day as time was on our side.

This year we spent longer than we realised planning and shopping for costumes that time was certainly not on our side, we had three days until our first calendar had to be sent away to a lucky recipient. One day for shooting, another day for editing and making the actual calendar and the next for printing, binding and wrapping. So that meant that on Saturday afternoon my Mum and I spent seven hours, wrangling, set designing, cutting out props, tantrum calming, feeding a toddler absolutely anything that made her happy,  removing a little dog from set who was more eager to pose than our model herself, photographing, and our favourite being the crazy circus act that goes on behind the camera in order to get that little chipmunk to do her sweet money maker smile.

Here are the final photos that made it to the calendar this year in order.


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