The Morris clan hit Tahiti

A few weeks ago we had just arrived in a tropical paradise. Now I sit at home eating ice cream in my PJ’s while it is pouring down with rain, trying to reminisce about our holiday.

We went to Tahiti and Moorea in French Polynesia, and yes they speak French so its almost like you get a trip to France in amongst your Island get away. First of all Mila was an absolute breeze on every single flight (four in total). She slept from take off to landing every time only to wake up for a couple of snacks then back off to sleep again… the plane ride was a holiday in itself.

We stayed in Moorea for 5 nights which was absolutely beautiful! I would totally recommend it to anyone with or without a family.  We stayed in a bungalow with its own private pool which was absolutely ideal with a little bebe. We got up to a whole heap of fun resort hopping, snorkelling, swimming, touring the island, eating ALOT (the most idea time to holiday is being pregnant, you can eat as much as you like and still hop into a bikini, looking another couple of months pregnant but no one will ever know!), going to the beach, and boating. It was such an amazing time probably the best holiday I have been on, because there we more than something for everyone as there was 5 of us all with different interests, hard to keep us all pleased. But we certainly did it!

Then we went to the mainland Tahiti two days, none of us really enjoyed it there because it was like a big city with some serious heat. But it was a little 3rd world like, there were many stray animals running around and the streets were manic, kind of how I would imagine Bali to be like. We did notice that even though most of the houses looked although they were about to fall down everyone drove flash European cars and I mean everyone! The whole time we were there I only saw one old Toyota and the rest were Porsche, Audi, Range Rovers etc. Our taxi driver even told us that Tahiti has the highest Porsche per capita!!

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