Young life crisis

I had heard of a mid-life crisis, but never  a young life crisis. Im guessing thats because I made it up but I never expected it to happen to Henry. It all started with the car, one fast expensive european car. I was alright with that it was just a car, in-fact I actually am alright with the whole “crisis”.

With Henry’s 21st fast approaching,  I started to see all the signs of what we are calling a  “young life crisis”. First he brought the fast car. Then after he has a little fun with that , then he started to question his career, naturally Henry being the go getter that he is, spruced it up a notch with his job too. Then his priorities became obvious and his family time shifted up a gear, what more could we ask for!  I guess thats what happens when you re evaluate your life, you discover what is really important to you. Luckily for us, this resulted in more Daddy time at home. He even set his sights firmly on saving to buy our first house, he is even willing to move in with my Mum for few months in order to get the saving under way. Now thats a big compromise for a 21 year old wanting to do his own thing.

Then came the Kanye obsession. This one makes me laugh and is my absolute favourite part of it all. It wasn’t just a couple of his songs suddenly slipping into his playlists. It was much much more than that, he was his alter ego and I don’t even think he realised it half the time. It was the clothes, and the shoes too, he brought those funky little sneakers all the Kardashian sport. Black camo jackets, baggy T-shirts, black jeans, a white cap you get where I’m coming from, this may not sound like an absolutely crazy wardrobe shift but Henry wears a suit every day, so it is very different. Now for the best part, he was even considering getting a YEEZUS number plate, though he was joking (I hope)  but it wouldn’t surprise me if he took the joke “too far” and went and did it anyway, until we figured that people might think he was  just dedicated to the church not a young Kanye in the making. I have noticed the “Kanyeness” deteriorating a little since we found out he was 53 mil in debt, maybe he’s not that cool anymore.

So with a new car, a shift in his career, a new Kayne influenced style and major financial changes its fair to say it has been a bit of fun around here at the moment, especially when you add a newborn and a toddler to the mix. But there was just one thing playing on my mind, the only thing left in a typical “midlife crisis”, the scandalous running away with another lady. Well thank goodness he put my mind at ease when he told me  “Its just lucky that I  have my hot young babe right here already”.

Well you know what, when you turn 21  you want to keep it fresh in order to keep up the spice to life. From the wise words of Mr West, “don’t let me get out of my moment, sway.” Lets never get old, maybe then there will be no need for the real McCoy later in life.



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