Henry turns 21.

I feel extremely lucky to have spent the past 4 years out of Henry’s 21 years with him. I really couldn’t imagine a funnier, more fun loving kind of person in the world.

Henry is the kind of person who literally jumps out of the bed first thing in the morning and in his accent says “Hey I’m Ray Romando”. Who’s idea of fun is trying to grow a giant pumpkin, or drags me along to float down the Rakia in an inflatable boat. Only to have no plan of how we will get back upstream, and have to walk in bare feet for three hours at 12pm (whats worse is I was a month preggo). Or Sleeping under the stars and flying a kite when I was in labour. Or making our own music on garage band and making music videos. Or taking home and raising a pet sheep (we called Tuts) in the middle of the city, until he was too big and moved to the farm. Other pets we have has was Pac (a praying mantis) who loved to dance and came in the car where ever we went and lived on the rose bush by my front door and Dudley the rabbit (Hen isn’t a fan). We even went into the hills to find another pet lamb without a mother but had no luck.  These are just some of the everyday things Henry loves to do with his life, and that what I love most about him. The ability to have fun with the most boring of tasks. Cleaning the dishes could easily become a stage show and driving to the mall could become a Justin Bieber concert.

In fact when I met Henry he was like a wee Justin Bieber, he had a you tube channel with hundreds of girls beaming about how much of a fantastic a singer he was and how much he looked like JB. Whenever we took a ride in his car, it was always JB blasting on the radio and then would come the perfectly rehearsed dance moves and the expensive sunglasses and leather jacket he had conned his Mother in to buying because “This is what Justin wears”. As much as it is funny how much he loved him, I think he really did it to pull the ladies. Smooth talker, singer and good looking, he had it all going for him and he still does! He is a man of many many talents. He can paint, fish, sing, draw, dance, hunt, incredibly intelligent,  is extremely good with people and most importantly is a wonderful Dad.

A quote by the man himself, “You can only be bored if you’re a boring person”.

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