Breast is best, right?

It isn’t socially acceptable to flop your boobs out in public before you have kids, but now it seems I am expected too. All ways prude and never rude has been a motto that I have spent my entire life living by. I struggle with the fact that I the only thing I have stopping my friends to see my boob is a very unpredictable little girls head. All it takes is one word to come out of Milas mouth and snap Kiara has whipped her head in the other direction to get a glimpse of whats going on. “Ahhh” and a disgusted look on my Mothers face is all it takes to  know that my boob is unwillingly out for all the world to see.


I actually feel horrible looking at breast feeding in a negative light, because I had tried so so hard to get Mila to be breastfed but I could never get her to. After many many attempts, with milk squirting across the room and multiple wet tee shirt’s with out the competition  or the wolf whistling, we gave up. This time I had gone in with the attitude that how ever it was going to work out it  wouldn’t matter and you know what Kiara was my superstar baby booby sucker. Now almost 8 months worth of wearing a limp hideous nana like breast feeding bra (not to mention the 6 months wearing a maternity bra while pregnant), unexpected peep shows at home and feeling literally deflated I am actually begging her to take a bottle.


This has actually been a every emotional and crazy ride. After hours and hours worth of crying and discomfort every day, the doctors came to the conclusion that Kiara may be dairy intolerant. So naturally, Kiara hated the goats milk formula. That left only one solution, for me to go completely dairy free. It has actually worked amazingly for me, I feel like a new woman with extra bounce in her step, more energy, clearer vision and better skin.,Poor little Kiki on the other hand still has days where she is uncomfortable and in pain. Now this may be due to the lack of self control from my end, because I can’t walk past a chocolate bar without rolling and eventually caving and eating the whole thing.  Of course whenever Kiara has the slightest discomfort, I get all the heads in the room looking at me, “what have you eaten?”. Damn it so far half of my diet has been declared  a major danger zone if everyone wants to sleep.So back at it again, persisting with a bottle of goats milk formula. I feel like I need a wine or two after giving this one a crack again, one little problem, I’m breast feeding.

So if you see me strutting my stuff on the beach this summer in a little bikini and a dress that looks in no way booby flop able  then you know I have had great success! A girl can dream can’t she!

PS. Any suggestions on getting her to take a bottle would be greatly appreciated.

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