Things I learnt on my day off

Last weekend I had my first kid free day since Mila was born (not including days when I have worked). It was such a treat but I have always been far too attached to the girls to want time off. I really don’t want to be one of those Mums who off load their kids all the time because I just want to do as much of it myself mainly because I don’t want to miss out on any little moments. But sometimes its nice to have a break even if the whole time you spend doing things for your kids or thinking about them.

Here is a list of the things that I learnt on my day off.

1. A woman’s work is never through.

So on my day off, I was hoping to actually have a day off, maybe just watch TV or read a book. Go shopping on my own that kind of thing. But It turns out I had a whole days work ahead of my, getting ready for Milas party. At the end of the day I had rushed around and done a whole days work, and I still had a list a mile long of jobs I still have to do. You can never win, my to do list, only grows I can’t remember it ever getting any smaller.

2. That going to the toilet can be relaxing.

If you are Mum you will know exactly what I mean here, going to the bathroom  usually becomes  athoroughfare for all of your children. They pull at your pants and point at the toilet, pull out the toilet paper and if your lucky enough to make in by yourself just in time to slam the door on them, you will hear continuous knocking and crying. In the end you will probably rush out expecting to see a crime scene after the amount of screaming that went on, to find nothing at all is wrong. So with that said you can probably understand that alone, the toilet is a peaceful place.

3. That doing simple tasks can be fun when you don’t have anyone to set an example too.

If you follow me on snap chat (brearna), you will have seen me crumping my stuff to inappropriate music, hanging out of car windows and riding the trolley at Bunnings. All of which I obviously couldn’t do in the watchful eye of my Children who need to think I’m sensible and I don’t want them getting any ideas either.

4. That no matter how much  fun you have by yourself, you will always miss your babies.

Okay so in amounts all the fun I was having all I was thinking about was my babies, I missed them dearly and even rushed over to see them half way through the day because I couldn’t last that long without those cuties.

5. That junk food doesn’t need to be consumed by sticking your head into the corner of the pantry and coughing to open the packet.

This ones a given, you don’t want your kids to be unhealthy so you offer them an apple while you gorge down a block of chocolate and a can of coke in private. By your self you actually can eat this any where and you know what I didn’t even feel remotely guilty.

6. That your kids don’t miss you half as much as you expect them too

Well I did rush home to see them again and they weren’t really phased and also at the end of the day, I didn’t exactly get the big run up “MUUUUUUM!!!” I was hoping for. I just got a tired hungry bubba who wanted their dinner. Fair enough my little ladies, you will miss me one day I’m sure.

7. That in your time alone all you will want to is shop, make things for and think about your kids all day long.

So I had dreamt about this day for a while now, the pedicures, the sleep in, the shopping for yourself and actually trying on clothes instead of tacking your run away child who is about to shop lift the purse they have claimed as their own. But the whole time I was without them all I wanted to do was make things for them, buy them their birthday presents and plan all of the things I could do with them that week. So I ditched my pedicure and sleep in and spent the whole day constructing props for Milas party, shopping for her party and her presents and planning her birthday. Oh well I had fun doing it anyway.

8. That time by yourself is awesome!

Even though my day was full of things I had to do, I had a bloody great time doing it. Sometimes when you are a Mum you have to remember your not just that, you are you too!


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