Mila turns 2!

This week Mila/ Mimi/ Mees turns two! I honestly can’t believe it! Mila currently loves dancing, animals, her sister, dolls, lawn mowers, cleaning, the outdoors, the park, swimming, making her toys swim, ¬†stickers and spinning a great yarn! ¬†Its fair to say that the past 2 years have just flown by in the blink of an eye, but you know everyone warned us that would happen!

Our time with Mila has changed us all forever, she has made us laugh with her outstanding humour (even at this young age) and taught us all the importance of having fun and really living life. Thats what kids do best! She has always been a ray of sunshine, the happiest little girl in the world and never fails to bring excitement to every task at hand.

The amount of wonderful memories we have with our sweet wee pooch is never ending as she makes every moment so memorable. She is completely outgoing and loves attention, but also loves to sit down with a book for a snuggle. She absolutely adores her little sister and kind of bosses us all around but laughs at it at the same time. Her laughter is the best sound in the world and her smile is truly contagious.

A picture can speak a thousand words, with that being said here are some (I know just some I have about a trillion) of my favourite photos of Mila over the past two years.

dscf0635 dscf0766 dscf0903 dscf1035 dscf1252 dscf1271
dscf1521 dscf1819 dscf1835 img_0116 img_0213 img_0266

img_0669 img_0797 img_0883 img_0894 img_0932 img_0949 img_0977 img_1076 img_1093 img_1154 img_1255 img_1331 img_1399
img_5939 img_5943 img_5955 img_6133
img_6173 img_6189 img_6353 img_7030 img_7158 img_7164 img_7204 img_7434 img_7443 img_7574 img_7611 img_7634 img_7692 img_7967
img_8071 img_8249 img_8300 img_8464
img_0232 img_0538 img_0957 img_2062 img_2096 img_2503-2 img_2598-1 img_2649 img_3081 img_3220 img_3291 img_3386 img_3489 img_3637 img_3784 img_4101 img_4233 img_4432 img_4513 img_4560 img_4567 img_4599 img_4687 img_4701
img_7151 img_7258 img_7318
img_9020 img_9119 img_9252



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