Milas Barnyard Boogie Party

Oink Baa Moo, Mila turned two! To celebrate we had to think of the perfect party for our perfect little girl. Her favourite things are animals and dancing (and babies but didn’t know how to fit that in) so A Barnyard Boogie party was the way to go!

For the party, I handmade nearly everything, the barn, the food, the cake, all of the small props, tablecloths, garland, animal ears, lemonade stand, party hats, chalk boards practically everything. Now some of you may think that is a complete and utter waste of time but party planning is my jam and is almost my very favourite thing to do. Any time planning or prepping was so very exciting to me, anything I could spend time on making just drew the excitement out even more! I had just wanted to create the vision I had in my mind and the only way I could get what I had in mind was to make it myself (with the help of both of my wonderful parents who always go the extra mile to make my dreams a reality!).

Here are some pictures from the day.

img_8058 img_8066 img_8077 img_8083 img_8089 img_8092 img_8111 img_8122 img_8131 img_8137 img_8138 img_8139 img_8141 img_8142 img_8143 img_8144 img_8146 img_8150 img_8151 img_8158 img_8169 img_8178 img_8180 img_8188 img_8198 img_8205 img_8207 img_8208 img_8232 img_8240 img_8247 img_837415033928_1450015395027336_1966669452_o15053149_1450015391694003_129929145_o15065019_1450015401694002_31368023_o15102234_1450015421694000_1894457719_o img_8383 img_8386 img_8406 img_8409

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