Kiki turns one!

Its hard to believe it is a year ago that this little bundle of joy made her way into this big wide world. She made a swift appearance and ever since the moment we first laid eyes on our sweet baby its hard to imagine a life without her. She is a wonderful, gorgeous, loving girl and she makes our lives better every single day. She is attached to me like glue and always has been, its so special having a relationship like that with your little girl, there really is nothing better.


Without her its hard to imagine what kind of life Mila would have, now she has this cute little sister who follows her around and completely idolises her. Having her around really makes life more fun! I never knew how amazing having a sister could be until I saw how the two girls play, interact, and just be together. Its like nothing else and I am so very thankful that they are able to have this special relationship. I can imagine all of our days and nights together for many years to come with these girls. The thought of it literally makes me smile. Speaking of smiles, how adorable is that little smile Keeks!? (look at the pic bellow).


There is one thing for sure, life truly is a million times better with you and we all can’t wait to spend many many more with you, Kiki Bear.

I have put bellow some of my favourite photos from this year, enjoy!

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