Kiara’s Ice Cream Party

Kiara’s birthday sure was a sweet celebration, it really was the cherry on top of a great first year!

I raced into Kmart franticly searching for any party directions that would work with a picnic theme (yes I’m overly dramatic but you only have one shot at life and might as well do it with enthusiasm) after laying eyes on all the pastel decorations I instantly scrapped the picnic party and my mind went absolutely bonanza with ideas for an ice cream party.

Within a few days we had picked up Mila’s Ice cream parlour, found an array of decorations, made a cake, made all of the party food and gone absolutely over board at the supermarket for ice cream toppings.

On the big day our house looked like a pastel version of an American election campaign (you know how they hang those garlands around in red white and blue). And my mouth was watering at the prospect of eating  Ice Cream sundaes and jelly.

Kiara was over the moon with the Ice cream parlour and all the balloons which are her absolute favourite toy along with maracas and drums. We had brought an inflatable limbo from Kmart and also a piñata which provided the adults with some fun. Things got a little serious when the limbo turned into a high jump and April tried to bat the Piñata in the direction of our party guests rather than the actual piñata.

Overall it was a brilliant day and Kiara has never had so much attention in two hours her whole life! Bellow I have put where I got everything from and some of our pictures!

The decoration banners etc are from Kmart along with the limbo, piñata, straws, plastic containers, topping scoops. We also got a drink dispenser and little tumblers, fruit wall stickers and honey comb balls that we turned into candy all of which aren’t pictured here.

The cake I made myself and we made cupcakes inside ice cream cones which look awesome but taste absolutely horrible! The other food we just had was little savoury bites that we had off to the side and the rest was just a massive bowl of scooped ice cream with a variety of toppings on the table and fruit. This made for a stress free day with hardly any work to be done ! Super easy but also looks like you have don’t just as much work as a regular party.

The Ice cream parlour (for the kids) I made for Mila for her first birthday. I had just painted up an old fashioned TV cabinet that I brought second hand for $1! The kids love playing with this and with  the chalk board signs you can turn it into anything you want with a little bit of imagination!

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