Auckland Trip

Our Love of Justin Bieber music had flourished over many long car trips jamming out in the car  when we first met and many nights spent dancing in my room rehearsing his dance moves. Henry was kind of a wannabe JB with the hair cut and I’m pretty sure a few of his outfits were based off the man himself. So naturally a major thing on our bucket list was to see him live.

Henry and I had always talked about taking a trip up to Auckland to stay at the Langham, spending the day at the spa ordering  room service and going on all the rides at Rainbows End because we love theme parks. So when Henry got tickets and flights for Christmas we decided to take the trip we had been waiting for since we were 15.

It was the first time both of us had gone away together since Mila was born and aside from being a little nervous we were hella excited!

As soon as we landed in Auckland it was pretty clear that this was about to be one heck of a holiday, we were so excited we practically spent the first few hours giggling like school girls. We don’t normally find each other that funny but we suddenly became our own little comedy act.

True to our 15 year old selves we did everything we said we would,  we wined and dined, spent a whole heap of time at the pool (got told off a few time for trying to flip off each other backs), spent time in  the spa (they had this amazing space with  a sauna, snail shower where jets just fly out of everywhere, a herbal steam room, an ice bath, and little stations for hand cream, flannels etc), went to rainbows end, went shopping, ate like a five year old at the buffet (Chocolate and ice-cream for breakfast), went on a tuk tuk ride, ordered room service, had too many cocktails,  went to the casino and went to the Justin Bieber concert.

The whole thing was just the best time ever and we just had so much fun!






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